We will not compromise the health and safety of our workforce, and refuse to work in a way that puts personnel at risk. But don’t just take our word for it.

“Bobrik have contracted to Brookfield Multiplex for a number of years and currently are working with us on the Claremont Quarter Project.

In recent years Bobrik have significantly improved their OH&S Management System and its application in the field, in particular during 2009 and 2010. A professional approach is evident with the allocation of resources, quality of plant and equipment and a noteworthy improvement in the management of manual handling issues.

We appreciate the efforts that the Bobrik Staff and Employees have made to OH&S on our projects and commend them for demonstrating a proactive and professional approach.”

Dave Reed – HSE Regional Manager, Brookfield Multiplex

“Bobrik has developed an enviable reputation within the building industry of being a reliable commercial bricklaying business that can deliver large and complex projects.

What distinguishes Bobrik is a commitment to lawful employment and safe work practices as well as its commitment to training apprentice bricklayers.

The Master Builders Association is proud to have had Bobrik as one of our sub-contractor members since 1989.”

Michael McLean – Director, Master Builders Association WA

“You requested the Department’s advice about whether the industrial arrangements are compliant with the National Code of Practice and the Implementation Guidelines.

I have examined the Bobrik Constuctions/CFMEU Union Collective Agreement and consider it to be compliant with the requirements of the Code and Guidelines.”

Cath Day – Director, Building Industry Branch, DEEWR Canberra

The construction industry is an important and complex component of our national economy, and we take great pride in our position as a valued and compliant member of it.